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Things could've turned out badly.

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I am so not depressed! SCORE!! Its weird how when youre in a funk and youre depressed you dont really realize how bad it is till after its over. But now that it is over and im happy and pretty again im feeling so fucking good! WOO me! Ive been seeing old friends and its real fun seeing friends again. I dont know about me and Robert anymore though. I love him a lot and i always will but i think i just love him as a really good friend. He's my best friend and if we never get back together again i hope we can stay friends forever. But i just dont feel the same way i did about him way back in the day.

I want to go to school. I want to take fun classes and such,like photography and art and design and things. I think it would be nice,get me out of the house while doing something productive.

DUDE! I think i want to take ceramics!

So theres this guy,i like him... but i dont want to like him. I just want to be free and happy and single and such. I want a life of my own. Haha ok im done talking about that now.

Im in her crib.

i want this tattooed on me.

she sneezed.haha

she gets into everything.
child labor...gotta love it.haha
like i said... EVERYTHING (its pudding and we dont know how she got it)
TOO CUTE!my cow

Yeah well I'm doing wonderful and I'm super happy. I think things will be ok for a while. I hope so. Oh so iworked at jamba juice... for like a month,got fired, and ive never been more relieved in my life. Ugh! FUCK JAMBA! Anywho,my hair is black again and im super hot. Go me!

The Bear.
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