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Things could've turned out badly.

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Dude New years sucks!

Every year it's like there's nothing to do. Or maybe i just don't put up much of an effort to find something to do. Either way this new years will be lame. Whatever. Maybe thats why my year sucks every year,cuz im not starting it off drunk.

My kitty is sitting on the heater vent right now,its cute. He's all like "aww nice and toasty after coming in from outside". yeah my cat talks,shut it!

My friend leaves for bootcamp in 3 days. I'm sad to see him go. He's a really good friend and i don't want him to leave. But not much we can do about it... other than bitch and moan. Haha. So yeah,ill just be bummed for now.

I WANNA GO SHOPPING! Like crazy i do. Jeez.I need new jeans. My other ones have a hole in the ass and the croch. Not cool! My favorite fuckin jeans too.

Ok I'm done here. But yeah leave me comments cuz you fuckin love me!

The Bear
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