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This is great!

I GOT A COMPUTER AND INTERNET FOR XMAS! GO ME! yay! Its sooo great to be in my house and on the computer and say things like "my computer"! Its just fucking nuts!

Ive been cussing a lot more lately... i dont like it but i dont mean to either.I jsut dont notice when i do it.

There's not much for me to say,so i dont know why im updating.

So what i got for xmas was:
computer/free internet
two peacoats... same thing but different sizes so i gotta exchange one for jeans yay jean!
Two gap gift cards
tillys gift card
tinkerbell pillow and blankie...kinda lame but the blankies real soft.
an awesome fucking watch and socks from missy
lots of chocolate!

For marchmas robbies gettin me an ipod cuz he loves me. And thats nifty. I really really want one. My sissy and her bf got one and got engraving things on the back that are sooo cute. i loved it.

My head hurts. Robert took midol tonight cuz he thought it was for was great! haha dork

I left my cable for my cam at moms house,and now im able to use it here so that sucks. poo to that! ok im done.

I need to see more of.. Dennis and bryant!

The bear
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